Thursday, June 2, 2016

Event 3 "Staring in the Age of Destruction"

Project Iron by Tobias Heinemann

The Broad Art center was presenting a event called “Staring in the Age of Destruction – S.A.D” which was showcasing both visual and interactive forms of art. One standout artist from the exhibit was Tobias Heinemann. Heinemann showcased “An interactive exploration of the spaces and images evoked by sketches drawn by the artist over the course of several months” The artist drew everything and vectored this through the computer so that it could be input into a program that can render and establish parameters for the game to be based off of. This was interactive in the form of a game that acted on a multiple layered environment. The 2D game was influenced by the classic games such as Mario and Metroid. 
The game requires the user to navigate their way through the 2D world that the artist has rendered. The way that the user can navigate through the world is by hoping between the three layers that the artist has created and utilizing the different set of barriers that have been established to collect items and explore the world presented. Heinemann helped me understand exactly what he was trying to do with this example and he hopes to make this project into something that could be streamlined to platforms. 
I really enjoyed Heinemann’s project and could definitely see myself playing something like that in the future, he assured me that this would be something he would continue to develop and someday hopefully we will all see this game on a major platform!

*All photos are my own.*

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